Dintsu Engineering Technologies (Pty) Ltd
Autorised Distributor of Ingersoll Rand

Air Audit Products

Compressed Air Auditing Solutions

Compressed air auditing solutions from Dintsu Engineering Technologies (Pty) Ltd provide a range of proven audit related products to reduce your cost of compressed air wastage and reduce the cost to company.

With our broad range of mobile auditing equipment we can cater to your specific compressed air audit requirements.

Air Compressors, Products and Services

As an authorised distributor for the Ingersoll Rand Company, we offer the full range of rotary and screw air compressors (oil injected and oil free), air dryers (refrigeration and adsorption), vacuum pumps, filtration, air receivers, tools, auto drains, water separators, reciprocating compressors and a whole lot more.

With OEM Ingersoll Rand Spares and our team of qualified technicians we can service and repair your compressors and any related equipment. We can assist in almost every facet of the compressed air industry. Whether air or oil based, tools, equipment, trust Dintsu Engineering.

Turnkey Project Solutions

We are also able to assist with the design, supply, installation and commissioning of compressed air systems for turnkey projects. This also includes the compressed air reticulation pipe systems to international standards.

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