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The function of an air dryer

An air dryer is a machine that extracts and reduces the amount of moisture in the air surrounding it. It can improve your working conditions. Depending on the given environment an air dryer can reduce the humidity within a building. This means that some forms of production would cease to be possible without an air dryer. Air dryers are good for industrial plants and storage systems. Acting as a sift the dryer allows oxygen and nitrogen through but not water.  

It’s important to have an air dryer because excessive moisture in the air can result in substantial damage within an industrial environment. Humidity can cause rust and corrosion in the air system piping. This damages the system resulting in you needing to repair or replace your air compressor sooner. The moisture can damage the packaging and finished goods within the plan or in storage. The humid air also makes it very difficult and uncomfortable to work within the space.

Ultimately the air dryer is used to protect the compressed air from carrying excessive moisture. There a few different types of air dryers when using a compressed air system. The standard types are refrigerated dryers and desiccant dryers.  There is a refrigerated dryer that heat exchangers to cool the compressed air then condense the water, removes it from the air and drains it. A desiccant dryer takes the compressed air and uses different materials to absorb the moisture in it. If you have a compressed air system it’s good to have an air dryer alongside it to ensure the quality and condition of the air.

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