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What is an air receiver?

Pressurised air has many applications for people in several industries, which is why air compressors are so valuable for those who need them. From powering pneumatic tools and devices like jackhammers to providing clean compressed air for gas cylinders and submerged surface-supplied divers, the applications are vast.

This technology does have a limit to the amount of air it can produce and store, which is where air receivers come into play. An air receiver is a device that offers additional storage space for compressed air to accommodate for high demand and helps to optimise the efficiency of your system.

Air compression units can run without vertical air receivers, but that would be the equivalent of driving a car without a water pump. This is the reason why air receivers are so important for businesses that rely on the compressed air their units create.

Essentially, air receivers act as buffers between your air compression unit and the fluctuating pressure caused by the demand for the air. They ensure that high demands are mostly met even when compression units are overloaded or overworked with input energy.

Air receivers serve the following functions:

  1. They act as reservoirs of compressed air for peak demands.

  2. They will help remove water from the system by allowing the air a chance to cool.

  3. They minimize pulsations in the compression system that can be caused by reciprocating compressors or a recurring process downstream.


So, why do I need an air receiver tank?

It depends; does your business have any type of demand for pressurised air? If the answer is yes, then you should check out the range of air compression receiver tanks and other pneumatic tools that we have in stock.

Not having a receiver in your air compression system can increase the loading and unloading cycles on the compressor which only makes the compressor work harder. This impacts energy input, which means higher electricity bills for you.

Having a receiver tank to go along with your compression unit should be a no-brainer for people who value efficiency and productivity. Get in touch with us today to find out how our products can help you meet the demand for pressurised air in your business!

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